ELLISEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer, supplier and exporter in Taiwan. We have more than 30 years experience to produce industrial and household sewing machine parts, overlock machine parts, cover stitch machine parts, embroidery machine parts and any sewing attachment.

Product Line

ELLISEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD has been a leading supplier of sewing machine parts & accessories to both independent and national training organizations. In addition, we focus on innovations to help the users create masterpieces easier and with more precision. ELLISEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD’s sewing machine knife is designed and engineered for ease of use and cost effectiveness in mind. If you are looking for sewing machine presser foot or sewing machine needle threader, please do not hesitate to inform us.
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ELLISEN INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD is committed to doing everything possible to provide our customers with superior services and products that meet their needs and provide lasting value. We offer sewing machine parts & accessories with high quality in Taiwan for many years. Also, our sewing machine knife is dynamic, economical, perfect, they all meet the standard requires, easy to use and of long durability. We will continue to be an innovator in both the residential and commercial areas of sewing machine presser foot and sewing machine needle threader and want our customers to grow with us and move forward.